Midburn 2016 – List Of Theme Camps

This page lists registered theme camps for Midburn 2016.
The names and descriptions where supplied by the camps organizers and are under their responsibility.

The Open Camp sign represents camps with vacancy for more participants.
The sign represents camps that accept families.


4PlaY - We invite the playa residents to a heart opening experience, entering an experimental journey built from a 4 unique compounds that will arouse your awareness, tickle your bodies and vibrate the cords of your inner souls.

This journey will enable you to reflect, admire, indulge, snuggle, fall in love and let go…

After the foreplay we invite whoever experienced this journey to pass it on by "Play it forward" - picking a task and continuing it out in the wide open space of the playa, through meeting new people and going to a mutual exciting adventure that will blow you away above time and place.

So people prepare your hearts, we’re going to spread L-O-V-E all around the playa!!

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Abarbanel Spell

A theatrical transformation tunnel transformation , magical potions, and many charming artist spells .
Abarbanel invite you, third year in a row, to find the words you want to say this year and make them a reality.

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AfterLife camp was created from the holy connection between Heaven and Hell

True to its name – AfterLife is where you go when you wish to proceed from your normal everyday life. A place where each one can choose his or her pleasure – Heaven or Hell.

Both Hell and Heaven are Hedonist by nature – pleasure to the body, mind, and soul are at the center in this camp. In that spirit, Hell is connected to the painful aspect of pleasure – a full and active S&M club where everybody can experiment and experience their sexual pleasure and passion. Heaven is a place to connect with the more gentle side of pleasure - touch, massage and sensual sexuality.

Due to the camp’s nature, participation is limited for 18 years old and over who are not afraid of exploring and enjoying their body, spirit and sexuality, alone and together.

In order to provide a safe and healthy place for such activity, the camp crew is trusted to strictly uphold the camp rules:

•Each person may choose their pleasure.

•No person may be touched without its full and informed consent. Any activity in the camp will only take place under full consent of all parties involved.

•NO means NO! – At any stage.

These rules are to ensure that each person has the freedom, liberty and peace of mind and body to achieve full pleasure and to fulfill his/herself in any way they choose.

In order to expand the pleasure outside of the camp’s public area, the private areas of the camp are also planned to be fun and enjoyable. This includes a private lounge area for the camp’s members only, a fully staffed kitchen serving several meals a day as well as drinks (soft and alcoholic) during day and night, functioning showers and full access to electricity both in public and living areas.

Achieving these goals requires lots of resources.

To participate in the camp, beyond buying a ticket to MidBurn 2016, each person is required to pay camp fees (500 NIS upon early registration. Price may rise as you near the event) as well as active participation in camp activities before, during and after the event.

The camp is a sum of all its members – no employees, everybody works. This includes creative meetings and gatherings towards the event, help in transportation, preparation and loading camp gear, as well as building and operating the camp during MidBurn and disassembly afterwards.

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We are the theme camp for the Midburn Gate Crew .We are the doorway for every person and vehicle that arrives to and departs from the city of Midburn. We are the opening in the fence. We monitor/control and process all traffic. For those on their path out of the default world and into MidBurn. We welcome you, just make sure you have your ticket. In our camp you will enjoy crazy afternoon parties, and will sip some of our toxic Jungle Juice. Come shake your bodies with us! Come home!

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Aloha Camp

Aloha camp offers you to come & enjoy lunch parties that include frozen fruit & alcohol smoothies & ofcourse great music.

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The Amorphium is an amorphous-radical-pre conceptuall-trans vibrations artistic platform to all of those who pass through its gate. The movement will gift a refreshing experience of senses entanglement, a physical, spiritual liberation from daily emotions and drawbacks.
The Wall Of Shame is an ever moving monument through the Burn, it will offer the chance to illustrate secretes anonymously and gain freedom in various forms.
Priests will receive confessions, a wide range of liberation classes will be manifested and an ultimate total relaxation space will definitely send burners back to the playa feeling liberated more than ever.

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Ahe kingdom of the hammocks , a space where you can relax , and charge your batteries between your playa journeys.
You can enjoy from chilling music , nice hamock shaking from our crew , and just be and breathe.

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art of touch

Relaxing and unusual surprise
Workshops contact fights, fun and entertaining, which give, beyond the experience, knowledge and tools also luxurious to the touch and releases.
No experience is necessary early or relations between participating companies.
The complex is filled with mattresses, candles illuminate and relaxing scents.

The workshop is an hour, during which participants will be trained, and allows free atmosphere, by two experienced Therapeutic Touch practitioners are different, and will give them to one another. Knowledge and techniques they learn, participants will be able to use outdoors. Pamper, soothe and release their loved ones.

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Our lovely neighborhood bar crew will take care of your alcohol crave and amusement in afternoon and evening hours, before the night playa shift takes place.

During the rest of the hours of the day, and under the sun's desert rays, we will treat every visitor with cold and amazing American chocolate ice cream purred out of a huge ass, that will cool your throat and raise your spirits. Every evening we will host a contest in the style of 'Two Girls One Cup'. Everyone is invited.

Our crowning glory high light is the AssMobile. Art bike on the basis of quad-cycle that will operate as a mobile party and will travel around the playa with a changing DJ and will create random parties, in different styles, times, and locations.

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When you are underground it`s hard to find you.
When you are small, not a lot of people hear about you.

Midburn`s first Cocktails bar is back.

Exclusive experience for the right kind.

Jazz and high end cocktails.
Tech spray.
Psychedelic visuals.
Warm and sexy atmosphere.

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Awake Camp + Kodama

What if I told you that you could wake up to reality? Awake Camp is a space for radical awareness that invites you to let go of the Matrix and take the red pill, to see what is actually going on and maybe get a little peak to who you really are.

It’s not that you’ll suddenly realize that you’re controlled by machines (that’s already happening with smartphones) or that you’ll find Jesus (if you do, please send our regards). However, you may start to notice the conditioning that’s shaping your life, to see that everything is perfect as it is, and finally feel free to just be.

At Awake Camp you’ll be able to take part in activities that free your mind and change your awareness. Our activities include meditations and guided meetings that will take you on a radical inner journey—all sessions are original and designed especially for the Midburn festival. You’ll also find several interactive installations that will let you be an enlightened Buddha, let go of annoying stories, enter the unknown, and even meet Midburn style Morpheus who will actually let you choose the red or blue pill. You’re invited to come by, even if just for a hug.


"What is a Kodama?"
"It's Japanese mythology"
S. Aziz- Midbanerot 2013

Some of you may remember our camp from previous events- It is the camp that brought the magical forest spirits that are called Kodama, from the anime movie "princess Mononoke", to the community.
You are welcome to visit us at the hottest hours of the day, to enter into the magical world of Japanese mythology, under out cool shade. To sit at our crafts area, play with cold clay and make your own cute and colorful little Kodama, even make one in your own image.
All of this wonderful creativity will be accompanied by cool people, amazing atmosphere and a lot of fun.
In addition, during the nights, you should try and find our rover/migratory camp.

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Baobab camp build a walking art installation baesed on Theo Jansen work. The Beach Animal - Litus Bestia - will have sound light and water system and a D.J platform . The animal will be pooled on the playa to a place where we'll hold a rain party .

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The Bar Beyond - A Holistic Process.

Welcome home to the Bar Beyond: The land of ice, snow-cold drinks and sensual delights.

Their Majesties; Ice King and Queen complete with entourage will greet you into the cool sexy luxury of the Igloo-Bar. Offering ice-cold Cocktails, Mocktails, Power Ranger Shots and made-on-site ghat juice.

If you're lucky enough to find the entrance to the Bar Beyond, you'll embark on a magical journey of the senses.

Need to lighten your load? Journey beyond your inhibitions to our Bar Beyond Confessional and let it all out, spin the wheel to repent for your sins and be sure to receive Beyond Bad Advice. The Nutty Confessor awaits you!

Fancy a treatment? YES! Visit the Beauty Bar Beyond.
Our team of therapists will guide you through the snow-capped landscape towards a horizon beyond anything you knew existed, a safe heaven created just for YOU.
Let us touch, inspire and nurture your body, mind, heart and soul.
A caring, loving space beyond the everyday, with open-hearted burners offering sensual delights: massage, Shiatsu, craniosacral therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy & energy healing.

Need a transformation? Pass through our weird and wacky “Changing Room”, grab an inspired costume, and re-emerge beyond your very self; into the sun kissed Playa, ready for life!

Abracadabra! Magic awaits YOU.

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Barrr Barard

Barre Barad is an established camp with very light roots on the dry desert land.
Once a day, a lovely, colorful queue of happy and thirsty people would be served cool icy beverages with or without alcohol.

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Bring more perspiration and humidity to the dusty, sweaty oasis in the heart of the desert!
Come and clean yourselves from within, Erdoganish hospitality and Turkish whipping are included!

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Storming with the breeze of five great oceans, //: beach, please :// here to keep your temperature at ease. Salt in the air and sand between your toes, our lifeguard is here to keep us all floating gently over the waters. With fans no wo.man can imagine, crushing waves, a cold drink and a popsicle watching the day turns and the sun making way for the moon, it’s always the perfect hour with us, but will you be our sunset for tonight? We all know the tides can be at times wild and unexpected, we will not fall short.

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BeAtNiKs Camp

BeAtNiKs Camp – Music, Art, Freedom & Endless Love!
You are welcome to rave with us in day & night parties at our kicking and smashing wide range of music styles, which will be orchestrated by the highest DJs of all, located in the mighty performance art stand that will leave you dazed and confused.
Chilled cocktails will be served during the parties along with never-ending fun vibrations….
Waiting for you all

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Bling Beach

Bling Beach, the original beach themed camp, is where to come to chill on the playa in the shade of a palm tree. You can play beach volleyball, shesh-besh or even freshen up in our wave water-tunnel! There will be sunset beach parties, with drinks flowing from our tiki bar. Stay between the flags, or the lifeguards will be on to you! We also will have our underwater bling dome where you can come to get your bling on (face/body paint, gems and metallic tattoos) every morning. Bling Beach - full of fun, frivolity and scantily clad beautiful people :)

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The camp deals with the visual, sound and custom of the industry of Bollywood in INDIA during the 70s till today.
We share this with experience with our children whom are part of the making and the activities.
Our children are raised in Steiner schools are will be happy to share with other kids as well as adults their values and experiences.
We will be happy to host other children and their parents with indian chai, costumes, yoga courses, meditation, drawing courses, Indian cuisine, up to dated Bollywood music and dances.
We believe in our children right for self expression, like we will.

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Gods, Heroes and Myths make up the reality we live at least as much as other funny ideas such as nation, job, etc. Come hear the message!

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Brain Ribs

Come and chill your brains at your impro, pantomime and other theatrical stuff camp at the playa! Let your creativity burst in front of an audience that just want to crack the mysteries of your twisted brain!
Whether it’s a box of accessories, crazy impro sessions or just a medieval word that no one knows – this is the place to participate in a groovy theatrical experience that will make your brain ribs well done and ready to be served.
After your brain is toasted you are welcome to come to our 'touching chamber' where you'll rediscover how does it feel to feel again (;
See you at the playa!!!

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Bread & Delusion

One Earthen-Oven. Plenty of Love and Soul. Lots of warm & fresh loaves of bread
And in between
What ever will be … will be

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Bubble Dream

Welcome to our wonderful magical bubble playground. where everyone can experience the art of bubbles. the camp will include bubble machines , bubble toys and featuring giant bubbles on the playa.

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This year camp Bukraf presents - Geula Beach!
Come and experience Geula beach in the middle of the desert!
Rumors tell of a legendary stretch of beach on the Playa where Burners can come and enjoy lounge chairs, Parasols, professional lifeguard services, sun beds, skirt volleyball, the smell of the sea, music, day parties and organised dance sessions - Club Med style.

At night you are invited to chillax on the beach with soft sounds of waves and relaxing music.

The desert sun is too much for you? our Bay Watch team will rescue you with glitter sun screen, watermelon slices, summer alcohol drinks and more special treats.

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Burning Chapati

Burning Chapati- a small camp with a big heart!
the camp offers a genuine hospitality experience 24 hours:
soothing shade at day time, heat at night, some blissful music for your soul, an endless Chai kettle, steaming hot chapati straight from the oven and warm Dhal that will bring you right back to your happy place ;-)
we are waiting for you next to one of our burning ovens!
warning: you may not want to leave.....

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The camp that helps you meet, fall in love, wed, and more.
join us for speed-dating, introducing party, workshops and practice.
come and meet the magical creatures of the playa, hosted in the camp.
Cupid and the matchmakers (staplers) will be at your service and will help to light the flame.
maybe you will find a friend or maybe better...

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Camp A La Fue

After a full day at Playa, during sunset time
we will begin to wrap potatoes , sweet potatoes , beets and everything tasty in a galactic aluminium foil .
We will start the fire inside the barrels and start backing a royal meal with a taste of childhood !
To complete the meal we'll make a lot of varied, colorful and very tasty dips for all the residents of the Playa .
Bon Appetit

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The Cample is the home base camp for all the temple's volunteers and partners.
The Cample will also serve as a link to the temple, where daily ceremonies will leave from.

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Camp FreeLove

Free Love - a safe space for deepening into healthy sexuality. Tuning into our bodies expands our consciousness. Through aware intimacy we empower ourselves and our loved ones. We practice honest, attentive, empowering sexuality. We create a safe space for all.

On the Playa we offer the 'Pleasure Dome' - a safe and friendly space to express sexuality in all its beauty, for all genders, orientations and preferences.
We offer a space for workshops, talks, shows and any expression of love, intimacy, body image, sexuality, touch, sensuality and pleasure.
At night, the Dome becomes an open and free playground for couples and moresomes.

Camp members are partners and creators of the the atmosphere in the camp.
We hold a safe and open space for the city guests to stop by and learn, experience and relish :)

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Camp Justice

This will be the camp to provide justice to Midburn- the court of law

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Camp Lebowski

Sometimes there's a camp. Sometimes there's a camp that's right for its time and place, that just fits right in there. And I'm talking about Camp Lebowski. Come hold a beverage while we surround you by nihilists, see how our rug really ties the camp together and chill with any music except the Eagles. You like the eagles? Well, that's just your opinion, man.

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Camp Nou

just say nou. such a nice and funny camp with all sorts of atractive surprises for those who are willing to share time and space with us.
remember - nou is the answer.

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Camp Sheduza

Sheduz is a primal creature which combines a demon ("Shed") and a jelly fish ("Meduza") and lots of joy. Sheduza came back to our world in Midburn 2015 and this year will continue to spread light and happiness on adults and children altogether. Camp Sheduza is active mostly during daytime and will include cool activities with the Sheduza, a wide & inviting lounge for chilling and musical interactions and more. This year we will bring the official Sheduza parade together with the entire city so take Sheduza and let's go!

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Camp Shtifal'e

The wettest camp on the Playa!
Camp Shtifal’e provides one of the rarest and most indulging experiences one could have in the desert – a shower. Accompanied by insane music and a dedicated team of professional shower specialists.
After the showers are closed, the AfterBath dome awakens to life with refreshing Chai tea, Chill-out music and more surprises that will help you kick back and relax in-between all the parties.
All you need to bring with you in order to shower with us is 2 liters of water and a towel. Clothing optional ;)

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In the Midburn experience we are living the city, creating, dancing, feeling, roaming, talking and mostly, we're connecting.
It's hard to describe this experience, but we are here to document it.
Camp Ya is setting Midburn's first documenting space in order to create an archive and preserve everyone's memories.
Burner's, you are document worthy

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Cirque du Shlapy

Circus camp for kids over 18,
Come here to have fun, to flatter in the sky, to dance on poles, relax with us in the salon and enjoy spontaneous performances of the best artists in the circus.

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Club-Med Burn

Typical Tuesday at 'Club-Med Burn':
The dust storms weakened today and the Playa was ecstatic.
The entire morning I laid back inside the ball pool. I think I fell in love with a yellow ball, it was just so YELLOW!
At one o’clock they again announced: “It’s HAPPY HOUR!!!”
Oh man, it’s so much fun.
Everybody danced in the colorful pool in their colorful clothes.
So many colors.
In the afternoon I went to the grassy field and everybody cheered as I scored a goal and threw me up high in the air! I couldn’t stop smiling!
In the evening I chilled down in the music room. I took the guitar and played the only song I know.
I wonder how tomorrow will look like…

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Dancing wheels

The ultimate cycling camp: Teaching and training sexy passionate riding, exercises of desert navigation to no destination. Practical guidance in leading groups of riders to loss of track. Studies of riding with closed eyes (but open heart) . Bicycle recognition and minor malfunction repairs. Variety of workshops such as: How to decorate your bicycle so that even in South Tel Aviv no one would like to steal them, and why is the handlebar always positioned forward. Wild desert tours every morning and exotic trips on nights. Daily free air supply for your tires and soul .

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Dead on Sabich

There is combination like the combination of good sabich and great music in this camp you will get a chance to take a part in one of the best events from the line of progressive sabich

there is no need to say more about the grateful dead that will our main sound track for the camp

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Desert (love) boat

You go from your room (canopy tent), in your robe (or galabiya), to start the day with a morning cocktail at the (paddling :)) pool bar. You can go pamper yourself at the desert spa, on the massage bed, or maybe on the tanning bed with a mani-padi and rainbow color nail polish. We will sail daily to the desert horizon to bring this plethora to the other burners. in the evening we will dine at the captain's table, accordingly to the shore where we'll anchor. Meet new people and play games.

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  • Nadav Madanes
  • Facebook: Desert (love) boat

Efraim Space Camp

At the Efraim space camp we are combining Space, science and science-fiction with a lot of stardust to create a living cosmos party.
Our camp includs a spaceship installation, a planetarium dome, happy music area that will host some of the finest parties and a veriaty of interesting activities such as science talks and enrichment and creativity workshops. Our kitchen provides 2 meals per day and we have a bar running at party hours. also we have a shower if you'll feel dirty enough :)

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Ejos Agirafa

Brotherhood of the giraffe are proud to return to midbrn 2016 , this time the dragons remain at home and we gona bring to the city something different but similar , It will be big and it will flip but it will be much much much more crazier.
Come to our yard and enjoy the sounds of our fine music while you wait to get a ride on our dilapidated monsters .
So if you have nothing to lose , if you define yourselves as a borderline, come and risk your life for one rotation of pure adrenaline.
Late at night we will make some fire to light up all the heated!

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Elders in Bikini

Come and learn the secrets of rest and relaxation from the elders of the city. We the aging souls of the Burn will save you from the sun, the beats and other good things that the city has to offer.

Abra Kadabra! For generations a secret spell whispered from mother to daughter revealed especially for the wizards and sorcerers of the city! We have made a secret oil that saturates skin, cleans toxins, hydrates dusty desert skin, broadens smile and lifts up the bloody spirit! with magic scents of lavender, sorcery and sweet whispers.
Oil Spreading areas by aging transgenders, studs and hotties in swimsuits ~ two hours protection from the sun guaranteed!

Siesta and rest area: park your witch self with us! )'( Grandma's snorting remedies wing: Fly on tradition! Fly with class! )'( Opinion for Shekel: Have a question? We have the answer! Nirvana guaranteed. or not. Bring a smile and some magic, leave the Shekel be.

)'( 2016 Midburn Bikini Queen and King contest! )'(

Special surprises when wearing Bikini!

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EsCamp Room

A detective-style camp offering a quest game to all of the playa's residents!

Those who enter our domain will be challenged to solve riddles, find hidden objects, locate keys and use everything around them to succeed and escape the mysterious chamber in less than 60 minutes.

The game is based on the classic computer game "Room Escape" and the more-recent trend of real-life Escape Rooms all over the world.

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Fly. Over. The Playa.
We always wanted to fly. Its a dream of humanity from the dawn of history. Fly'a camp members, descendants of the wright family are going to make this dream come true. By hard work of our engineers and VR experts we are going to make this dream a reality.
We are going to create the following experience
1. Lie on a hammock so only your stomach is on it.
2. Spread your "wings" (hands)
3. Accept the VR goggle
4. You know see yourself from a drone view above you
5. You fly above the Playa and use your hands to steer as if they where wings!

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Four Weddings and a Funeral

Welcome to the wedding camp. Here burners can experience radical wedding festivities and all that comes with.
The camp will contain a Hupa, Dance floor and preparation rooms for the brides and grooms.
The camp will be open to the community 4-6 hours a day offering an opportunity for lovers to establish their love in the most creative and radical way.
The thought behind our concept is the awareness of a need for an alternative wedding, this is the reason we want to grant our guests with the opportunity to fulfill their love happily.
Each ceremony will consist of the following :
1. Preparations- a tasteful bridal salon and off the charts Hena ceremony.
2. The ceremony itself, Which will be informal, yet extremely emotional lead by unaccomplished actors.
3. The party - a folk party.
4. Polaroid pictures so that each burner can savor the memory.

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Above the hot sand and below the blue sky,
There is a potential !!! and Don't ask me why.
A magical place with unlimited space,
A FreeDome2Play and express, not repress.
Circus play dance and sing -Light up your FLAME
Imagination verbalization creation -Its all one big GAME
If you're stiff or heavy, let's explore and soar now!
Ignore that voice whispering "I don't know how",
Come dive with us deeper, let go and allow,
We will spit you out laughing
And you will say "wow" )'(

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Let's define a place of chaos with words of burning flame
Let us share with you a vision of our imagination game:

In the midst of desert town there lays domes of pulsing lights
With black hole graphics
singularity in heart
A place full urges fuelled
moonshine liquor
A place of vigorous intentions for
Fuck-U world of possessions we are leaving you behind
In a colossal evening ball that will truly blow your mind.
In between with vibes of chill out
we will set the mood again
'till the next night calls to gather under the dome to go insane
In Ultra space we reign.

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Fugara Art Camp

The first Art Camp at Midburn, by Fugara.
We’ve created large scale installations at the past Midburn events and this year we’ve decided to start a revolution.
To create a camp that is art. A spectacular space designed to ignite consciousness and awaken the imagination. We love technology, LEDs and climbing very high. Come play with us ‘cuz we’ve got magic.

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Groken Blass

Close your eyes, imagine that u have the ability to go back to your joyful childhood. We played, got dirty and danced to the sounds of disco. Some of us like playing with ball, and some like to challenge their friends with eating weird food mixture. Best times ever!!
Now you can stop imagining. Groken Blass brings back childhood spirit to the Playa, without boring naivety and without the discipline of parents & teachers. U're all welcome to fool around in our colorful happy playground "Gigitty Gigitty" and of course sing and play on our jam session stage that kicks ass for 3 Midburn years.
We intend to fascinate you with interactive science lectures, lab experiments, art crafts, guided imagery, variety of games and competitions, sleazy 90s' party and a retro birthday party!

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Hafla Bafla

Hafla Bafla is a camp that was born in the desert, and there it shell stay. It's a desert like/Bedouin style camp, that has preserved the known ancient hospitality tradition of the desert people. The camp will have a massive public space, decorated as the Sultan's palace, full with mattresses, low tables and pilows, that any of the Playa passeres by could come and enjoy a real desert hospitality, good company, fresh pitas, and arab tea and coffee.
The camp will have few cores: a Taboon place - metal stove on real coals to make fresh arab pitas (with Labane, hyssop and other suprises). The Sheikh temple, where everybody can have a seat, become the Sheikh of the camp, and enjoy the luxuries of a Sultan's life. And of course, several Bedouin Haflas (oriental parties) with Darbukas, Djembes, bouncy arab music, belly dancers (yes yes!!), and of course lots of isaeli wafers that will be handed to everyone!

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our goal is to create a space relaxing and visually apealing where you can enjoy a Japanese experience shoiwng all of Japan's different faces in the middle of the desert. from exotic traditional Japan and to kinky and colorfl Japan. come sit with us under the biggest cherry tree in the world.

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Heart Tribe

On aucation, one must stop and breath
Take a seat, perceive what is
The body is the emperor and its servant
dance! friends we all are, as one
life is simple, when one creates his own

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Hedgehog In The Fog

It's not Everyday that a Hedgehog walks In The Fog,
you can say the same thing about small, medium or Extra large fish.

Our Hedgehog & Fish camp invites you plunge for the second time into your senses.
To expand or just go crazy with what the moment holds or whatever its missing (happens sometimes...).

We invite all the stoner, moaners, potentially cool or just any fool into our maze of senses - Here You can get lost to find yourself again...
That's our Specialty ;)

The sensory maze will get your sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch and even you sixth sense confused!

In addition we will spoil you with with a range of sensory and non-sensory workshops coming from deep within our hearts with a hot fins and spikes topping.

Big LoVe, Yalla, Come Get A Fishy Hug!

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hello artick the original

As you know we always have what you need! ... But no entry for fairies and elf's , and we have already one hippie (thank you).
The rest are welcome as always, espresso Mans will take care of you in the morning, chilout with a Popsicle in the shade @ Camp and around the Playa with Hello Popsicle On-rickshaw.
Bursts of spontaneous parties in honor of the Popsicle .
If something is missing you will find a replacement @ Just Take-Take market
Night time fire pits and lots of lights.
You are invited to volunteer to volunteer and to entertain and be enlightened us open stage (stunning hugs 4 winners)).

Hello Popsicle 2016 Here it comes!

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Holy Cow

The hotel will provide conceptual rooms, each one is different, with the idea of plug and play hospitality.
We invite you, all the groggy ones, passer by, wanders, cut lovers in a visual way, or just for spoiled friends. The hotel is open for ages 0-121.
The separated built rooms will create a whole world inside them, cover with painted decor full of art, furnitures, things to play with and more.
At the beautiful lobby you'll find a pool, chess board, library, and more surprises to wait for.
So... if you are host in your soul, actors, decoraters, having a storage place, everything together, you are welcome to join us we are waiting for you.

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How House

HowHouse is a real estate beauty in the Midburn suburbs.

A true home-sweet-home from the American 70's.

This architectural wonder will make you homesick.

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Last year we brought you Humans of Midburn; this year we've upgraded to Ninja level!!!!
The Clan of Humninja's mission is to bring to life humanication, through the ninja's many form of arts, music, workshops and culture.

Humaninja camp will be hosting fellow burners to come visit Sensei Ishimoto at his Sound and Rhythm Temple of instrumental and electronical haven.

(*BEWARE : there is an old spell cast upon our Humaninja Clan transforming us into Humaniggas and spinning our temple out of balance and into the rough and tough hip hop streets.
Prepare for heavy base and some Booty bouncing with Marry Jane and our homies

Come visit our workshop center "Alakazam" for human communication workshops covering the natural, physical and spiritual experience of the human brain body and soul.

If you visited Humans of Midburn last year and forgot to pick up your photo please come back for your piece of memory :)

*This is an international camp hosting burners from around the world, we speak mostly English and love everyone! Come onjoy an international experience
Be human! Be Ninja! Be HUMANINJA!!!

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Ice, Cream & Fire

The oldest camp in Midburn, brings you back to your childhood.
We'll make popsicles using dry ice and magic, and other surprises.

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back for another year!
Just before sunset we’ll be serving chill-out atmosphere and vegan pancakes … music, morale and a spot to relax in and watch the sunset before a night of experiences begins.

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ile sant mery

Hot.... dry.... desert
Suddenly, a vision emerges from the blur of the heat and desert dust. Is it real? Probably not, but its beautiful and it promises joy and delight so come along and join the fun.
In between the palms and coconut trees, hides a truly magnificent tropical island, just like in your imagination and fantasies. Come and experience for yourself, sit in the shade, feel the soft breeze, feel the tickling of a sprinkle of water, and the gentle sting of a margarita...
All this goodness to the sound of Calypso music, Bosa Nova, and much more

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inner child - consciousness

The Inner Child Camp deals with consciousness: air to breath-for the soul, where the children of any age (adults have an inner child too) can connect to hear and voice their real self on a shared playing ground, learn and teach how to create reality, how to use the Fire (creative will) to manifest (Earth) wisely (Air), how to rise up above from the Water (low vibration feelings) and to the sky ( understand, consciousness), how to bend the elements like the Avatar to bring peace and balance to the world by connecting spirit and matter.

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InnerSpace Tribe

A calm and comfortable space that invites people to chill out and relax from all the wild Playa adventures. The InnerSpace camp offers an intimate, cuddly environment where you can take a breath, meet new people over hot herbal tea and get some rest. Open from midnight to 6am every night

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Israel Camp

Israel camp is a camp where everyone can come and receive spiritual and physical food:
Spiritual food: workshops according to Kabbalah and Chassidism, Jewish meditation and spiritual melodies through introspection, Diagnosis and Consultation According to Jewish Astrology and opening Holy Iggerot, holiday and Shabbat prayers, Tikun Leil Shavuot, the reading of the Ten Commandments on Shavuot.
material food:cold drinks and Light refreshments,holiday and Shabbat kidush and meals.
And Especially given ... a lot of warmth and love, Sympathetic ear and joy .

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Karaokemp !

Have you ever dream singing on stage in front of your fans?
The Karaokemp was built for you !

Come to our ongoing parties.
We have a huge line of singers...includes you!

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Air camp is back and this time we are bringing you the winter to the desert. This year's theme is KissMess! Here you will meet Grandpa Santa and get to participate in various activities including: Gifting socks, gift opening under the tree and kissing under the mistletoe. 5 days of lights and joy will peak in a snow party where you will meet our reindeer and ornaments.
We will keep last year's favourite activities including the famous wish balloons chain and other fun activities for the whole family.

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After KuSomo brought you to Japan, and then flew you with KuSomo to space - this year KuSomo continue to surprise you!
How will the Sumo arena will look like this year? Which music will play when the arena turned into a party? Come and find out!

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Led Colored Shrooms and Chai

LED Shrooms & Chai - The brightest and lightest place on theplaya!

When the dark arrives, we invite you to come down for a magical intergalactic experience of light.

Our feild will be covered in a sea of 7 color LED mushrooms, and our spectacular "Champ de Lisa" art installation will bring you to a new internal understanding.
This is a must see project!

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lend a friend

The one of a kind Shop -
that Lends you people you need when you need them
IS BACK in Business
working day and night-
With the assistance of the Top Match makers of 2014/15
our New Summer collection, Fierce and Worse then ever, will be available TO YOU on Playa ground!!

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LEV camp

Lev (Heart) camp was born in 2009 at Nevada. The camp offers a house of quiet, good food and precise music in the playa. Lev camp is a place of haven for the pursuers of happiness and truth seekers. It's body is a gowdy white dome, which throughout the day, will host meditation and yoga sessions, soothing music and highly curated live musical acts. the heart of the camp, is an Italian tabun (outdoor rock stove) that hides whispering coals, which at the declared time, know how to offer each seeker the right dose of carbohydrate, dripping of olive oil and full of love.

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Life of others

The camp is inspired by a radio program broadcast by Eran Sabag . You can Enjoy our camp From jam Sessions of music inspired by the program, to Pilates workshops, drawing workshops and lectures on music. In addition we offer a wall called "living wall," where anyone can hang a note with his dreams, and at the end of each day we will do a ritual of reading dreams and their fulfillment.

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Lift off

In the middle of the desert stands a mighty Lift-Off slide.
Come and experience the psychedelic sensation of sliding down the road with water sparks, bubbles and lights show.
And at the end of the road, a mysterious surprise awaits you!

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Mad Max

mad Max- Apocalypse Now!
Camp where social laws are changing!
We are a group of artists, creators and hunters and have-abduction agreement and surprise! Who will volunteer to kidnap another member from any Camp -who is also a winner of torture (2 sexes!)
Every day we do a dance party open to the public with our d.j
And movie in the evening: two films Apocalypse!
Also abduct virgins with butterfly net equipment -we trow them to a pool of mud-and the winner can get her cloths back on :)
Also we do art: giant skull 2 meters and with sufficient combat vehicle mad of -wood ..
our Kamp is cohesive- no childless-which everyone has a role-if you cook or edit movies-if-you do-art and Co..we might have few spaces to fill-only to the suitable ones
have a lovly day!

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  • Facebook: Eila San

Mad Tea Camp

Down down the rabbit hole and into the wonderland.
Here you will knock down Humpty dumpty from the wall, you will be late to the tea party of the mad hatter, revenge the queen of harts, ask, answer, clime, slide, dance, create, destroy, expand, shrink and believe in the most impossible.

"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
Lewis Carroll

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Magic Jungle

The Jungle is back, and in a Magical format. Here you can hang out between the trees, among the fairies, rest, relax and cool down. Just be careful not to enter the enchanted area where creatures reside.
Whether you want to rest in peace and drink from our magic potions, or to experience the mysterious dark side, you are welcome to visit.

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Magic Markers- Casino

The Magic markers like to test the limits of the genre and highlight it in neon! We plan to introduce the first Midburn casino(!) with lots of profitable non-profit activities. Join us in the only casino in which everyone is a winner! But don't worry, this year we will bring back the favorite activities from previous Midburn's that everyone loves to love! So get ready for the blasts from the past(s)! Bloody Mary & Bacon, Pickleback, banana split and more!

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Mainstream Extreme

We are the Mainstream.
Ambitious. Feet on the ground. Always busy. Following expectations from boss\husband\wife, and from ourselves – to be the best.
Always told to work hard! Study! Find a good relationship and Get Married!...and most importantly Raise kids and teach them the same!
However….We have another side.
We have the need to exit the Mainstream.
We have a Passion for creating. For experiencing. Breaking and Re-building. We need to come up with new artistic ideas, though we're not artists. We are not musicians but you'll find us as DJ's behind the Mixer. We are doctors, physicists, architects, engineers, lawyers, managers – that want to act, dance, build and transfer ourselves (and you!) from the mainstream to the new, unfamiliar world of Mainstream-Extreme!

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At high noon, when the sun beats hard, a tired burner might see a Turkish palace rising like a fata morgana out of the haze....
But it is not an illusion! It's a hoppin' noon party with Turkish-space music, and wild Fez clad Turks serving you cold delicious malabi (and it's even vegan!).
*owners of Turkish mustaches will be especially honored.

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A camp comprised of the infirmary volunteers, their loved ones, and their friends, who chose (once again) to arrive to the Midburn as a family and establish a burner, living, beating, camp. We are (mostly) a bunch of crazy weirdos who work together as a medical backup for various burn events with an inclination and overblown affection for venflons, ampoules, pharmaceuticals, and "medicinal" alcohol. We're here to do good, and help the inhabitants of Midburn city who require medical assistance and healthcare. Our purpose is to pull out thorns, relieve pain, contain disease, and bring people back to party. We are delighted to accept ticket owners for the 2016's Midburn who can contribute and share their knowledge,curing abilities and healing wisdom with the city dwellers

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Meow camp

Meow camp! Because no cat representation on the playa is un-thinkable!

Missing the furry friend you left at home? just need a cuddle or a scratch? Meow kamp offers a wide range of attractions and activities to mend the aching hearts of those who left their best friends behind. (as well as those who just need some warmth and affection).

Purring treatments, petting workshops, mustache drawing, self shower hypnosis, all those and more will be waiting for you in Meow Kamp!
come Purr with us!
Meow! RRRRRRrrrrrrr

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Mima'amakim (in-depth) is a camp for those who are seeking spirituality and that want a home in Midburn that is filled with the sense of awe.
With the help of g-d and camp members we will celebrate Shabbot and the holiday of Shavuot- in our special way, We will sing and dance, have workshops, soul to soul conversations, laughter, happiness, holiness and whatever we want to bring to Midburrn. If you are looking for radical spiritual expression - you are most welcome to join us.

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A camp for families with kids above the age of 4.
The camp would include about 30 adults plus kids.
The camp would offer the city gifting creation workshops (with kids as instructors),
A pool where people can fish a box with a gift and a greeting and leave one of their own.
Experience special arts such as using a candle for sculpturing glass.
Funny and challenging play meetings.
Joint trips for the kids throughout the Palaya, surprise show with flashlights.
City trips with a howling gift that all the city would remember forever (and want to experiment)
Kids as camp rangers, possibility for kids lodging together,
More and more

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You Ask - And The Juice Is An Egyptian

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New Man

New Man, vision camp
A synergetic space of personal and collective development via accelerated evolution of the individual, the group, and the connections between them, as we all envision them in the new world.
Upon entering this space we have created, one transforms into that which one wishes to be; a glimpse; the present provides a fleeting image of a world of fluid metamorphosis that leaves us longing for its continued creation.
An intersection of affiliations, depth, leaps, spontaneous creative license bred from harmonious anarchy based on communication, awareness, consideration.
Vibes, spontaneous art, live music, open code shower and kitchen facilities, a neo-beer brewery, ecological values, shakes, the behavioral challenge foundation, language, the mama’s camp, and a multitude of projects that, as we write these words, are still far from the retroactive definition they will be given.
The camp is comprised of a central camp and minicamps, supports free campers and those who take part in the city’s creation.
This poly-venture camp is the expression of the community that creates the camp and its reality for the coming year, and is part of the continuous evolution of No.

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Camp Oasis is a drop of water for a thirsty throat - a cool at day and warn at night gathering place, for all the tired wanderers.

Come and sit, play, dance and talk in a live plants surrounded clearing, where time and desert stand still.

The camp is based on advanced and simple eco building principals, using our camp's grey water for cooling and plant growing, and allows a chance for all of us to learn how to use our resources in better and more harmonic ways.

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Oasis - Eco Camp

The ecological camp of Midburn,
and the magic of the desert merge in the most natural way...
Let's live for five days with the most imaginary yet realistic creatures:
Alternative Energy Elves, Gray
Water Princesses, Compost Toilet Dwarfs, Vegan Feast Fairies, Recycling Wizards.
Together we will create in ecological ways and see with Immediacy how Radical Self-Reliance and Communal Effort, help us Leave No Trace, not only in the MIDBURN but in the entire World! this is our Civic Responsibility. Gifting and Decommodification are actually the answer to many ecological problems in the world. Of course without Participation, there is no Radical Self-Expression, so you are Welcome to join!

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One Human Fabric

The Idea is to weave a wall carpet in the camp area by the palaya residents.
The Final image of the carpet will reflect each person's expression of himself, and every weaved part will be added to the one before, so the final outcome will be a carpet of expressions.
It reminds the essence of Midburn – every participant brings something of his own, which is assisting to create the whole event.

Weaving is connecting between two edges, male and female, singular and plural.
Weaving is quite and meditative activity, which helps the participant to connect to the energies of Midburn.
This camp could the quite place to relax after an overwhelming night, allowing you to recall thoughts and to better absorb the Midburn's experiences.

In fact, we will bring a huge frame, ready to the weaving process.
We'll also bring a lots of weaving material, including variety of textures and colors. Every burner could learn the technic in two minutes, while our lovely assistances will help with the process. Anyone can do it!
Up to 8 Burners could weave at the same time on a single frame, and it could be even extended.

In the final night, we will bring all carpets to be burned down in the traditional final ceremony.

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One shade of gray & Co

Welcome to the largest law and accounting firm in Midburn, One Shade of Gray and Co.

Loyal to the Jewish tradition of greed and theft, One Shade of Gray and Co. provide law and accounting services at the highest standard.
Among our clients are individuals, companies, rangers, sorcerers, witches and even dragons who meet the regulations of The Fire Spitting Ordinance, 1948.

The firm is located in the heart of the business quarter of the Playa, and its motto is providing gray and boring services using colorful and joyous paper. Construction and demolition permits on pink pages, contracts and agreements on paper shaped origami folded sheets, camp valuations on paper napkins. We are capable of complicating and tangling any simple procedure, as per your wish. We also work with the Playa's management, and provide permits for acts of wizardry, notarization for Whatsapp massages, and various forms to assist you in consuming food, inhaling oxygen and releasing methane.

Our firm holds a firm set of values regarding greed, lucre and lack of credibility and transparency. We will do whatever is in our capability to betray your faith in us.

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Paint Shop

In a world where we are being told that everything is black ,white or covered in 50 shades of grey - a bit of color is missing.
Our camp refuses to accept this because it is neither here (black), there (white) and most definitely not in between.
We invite you to experience, to take part, to connect and to enjoy the wide spectrum of the rainbow. Welcome to Paint Shop - A world of colors.

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We are going to print a daily newspaper onsite then deliver it across the playa. People can also come and pick up the news at our dome.

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Petti-Barr treats

A camp for the burners Parents , family members and friends old and new .
a camp that come to give some Home treats in the middle of the dessert,
home made Jams, marmaleds and bakery in the morning
Chello (not the Musical instrument ) HAPPY HOUR before sunset

In between the parents of "the guy from that camp" will host you in the Living room and tell you some embarrassment on their sun (and for yourself)
We are here ... to give and to treats to lough and to smile
just as parents and uncles and friends know how.

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Pillow Fight Club

You do not talk about PILLOW FIGHT CLUB.

We challenge you to try and join the softest and most exclusive camp on the Playa.
Do you have what it takes to pledge allegiance to the all-mighty pillow-god? Are you forged from the same rare material as the brave ancient pillow-fighters? Will you withstand all the softness?
Join the arena and try your best luck…

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Pirates Camp

In this Camp on can be free and wild, dramatic and vulgar, or just chill and enjoy the company.
A watchtower (chill out) in the form of a fortress \ mast of a ship will be built where people can hang out and enjoy the view.

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Somewhere at the end of winter 2014 Poycamp tribe was born.
A random group of people was united into one family with one goal - to create a tasteful reality.
The default world tend to starve us and exhaust us!
Poycamp is here to provide an answer.

If you come hungry you'll leave full.
If you come tired you'll leave energized
If you come sad you'll leave happy!

In the past 2 years we turned from a group of random people to one bloc composed of tens of different faces. If you're a part of Poycamp you are a part of the huge gifting we create together, you are a part of a communal effort, and you are a part of creating a better reality.

In the coming Midburn we would love to create our unique magic again, but we want to add some new spices, to be upgraded and to upgrade each and every one of us in the process. You are welcome to join the most untemporary tribe in the temporary city.

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  • Esty schwartz
  • Facebook: Esty schwartz
  • Phone number: 0523505412


Dear Honeys, welcome home. We are the Pussinema Camp.
Pussinema — A celebration of beauty,movement and female eroticism. An indulgent movie tent; the theme being, Women, Goddesses, Amazons, Liliths, Aphrodites, Witches, Seductresses and Librarians. Very Live Shows nightly, popcorn and an intoxicating bar.
Ok ! So there are a few men- ( were lucky ) with a well developed feminine side and with extroverted female admiration
Here all of us work, sweat and are marvelous ( Yes! The men as well )
Lets make magic together.
With best regards Pussdabra Cadabra Love and Devotion

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Who loves popping bubble wrap ? mom and dad, grandpa and grandma, you and I. Basically - the whole world!
Bubble wrap is the joy of life, It's laughter and childish fun. it's the little pleasures of life that make us smile in a silly way. Just bubble wrap.
We brings bubble wrap right to the heart of the Playa, and do everything with it. We dance on it with our bare-feet, we dress in it, we have massages with it, or just sit and pop on a sunny afternoon.
With yellow smiley-faced boxers and red velvet capes, the members of Camp PatzPatz spread happiness and smiles throughout the Playa, since 2014

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Rabbits in the sand

Rabbits in the sand is taken from our deep fantasies of creativity and freedom, a music camp that is here to release any impedance Wonders - will take part in setting up the complex art of Sphinx Rabbit that includes an interactive character of pharaonic-style rabbit, pyramid of sofas and Obelisk of a carrot(!). The dance floor is placed in the center of the complex and will create a perfect synergy between music, art and engineering that is accompanies by gifting of alcohol from the creator of Rabbits in the sand .

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Rack Cafe

We serve it hot, we serve it black and we serve it strong.
That good ol' caffeine shot we grow so addicted to. no cookies, no fancy lounge music, no milk just coffee and good coffee.
You want coffee shop environment? go look some one else, we gift only to most hardcore, uncompromising black Java drinkers in the Playa.

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Radio Universe

Tune in with the frequency of the desert with Radio Universe. Bring your own radio device to get the full experience of our special music, broadcasts, playa news and interesting conversations full of nonsense :) flow with the variety of genres as: Ambient, Dub, Psychill, Downtempo, Blues, Classic Rock, Ethnic, Folk and Oriental music from all around the universe. Our funky camp will be the heart & soul of the radio, and will broadcast live with an excellent sound.
Tune in with the sound of the Universe, and share the Love of Music

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we will help you to found your RealMe and make you enjoy the ride to there!!
The camp offers costumes for everyone which helps you to fly and watch your self from above.
The camp runs crazy parties and workshops that makes you waste your money on alcohol instead of shrinks

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You're exploring the desert, suddenly you spot a flag waving, hear the voices of walkers, candy bar wrappers opening and creaky armchairs. As you approach, the smell of mothballs, granny‘s soup and candies rises up to your nose. You enter and discover a perfectly tidy living room with a rug, armchair and lace curtains. It is the Midburn spell that takes you back to where you grew up...
To Grandma's living room, where anything is possible! After all - all grannies spoil us and often a little bit too much!
In Granny's living room you will never get sick (We will fix you with our surprising remedies at the bar), perhaps you'll get a stomachache (eating too much Grandma’s hair (cotton candy). We promise you that in granny's living room both your mind and bladder will explode (due to an overdose of sweet tea, biscuits, old wives' tales and gossip). With our magic, you will be able to fulfil all your granny's dreams- become wonderful grandchildren who got married, had children, became a doctor or a lawyer or! Granny will be so proud!!!
You are all welcome to rest at our art installation- “ The Pentagram"- inspired by The Seal of Solomon, the wisest of all men where you can "Rest in Peace" (but for real!) choosing from five graves with different sounds and magical atmosphere according to one of the five elements of the Pentagram - water, earth, spirit, fire and air.
And don’t forget to wear your finest scarves, to brush your walkers and join us to rock the Playa at the biggest ever grannies parade!
Live each day as if it's your last!

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Say Sleaze

After the loss of virginity in 2015, Say Sleaze returns as a sensual butterfly who invites you to rub with his tempting wings. Just like your nearby photo shop, Say Sleaze will offer you a photo booth in which you’ll be able to express your love and freedom and capture your dirty purity. We come equipped with our wide lens and even a wider heart and invite all the city residents to visit both. While waiting for your next passport photo, you’ll enjoy an inviting space of love in which we will help you prepare for your moment of glory, an opportunity to release and warm up with a cold drink while shaking your booty. Our camp will offer people a space of inclusive and loving radical expression in which the lens is a mean and the sleaze is the way. This year, the sleaziest booth in the desert will be only the first stage in your conversion process from a dirty burner to a gentle loving teddy bear.

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A Hippie-free space in which there is no taboo, no political correctness, and no Bloody Marry without Tabasco. It's the bar where nobody knows your name and they're certainly not happy that you came. We have various activities and art pieces that promote sleaziness, free speech/hate, and not getting offended about every little thing.

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Shnazzzz - for your siesta

Camp Shnazzzz - for your siesta!
Every day between 2-4 PM we invite you to have your noon nap at our pampering camp. You can relax and take it easy in an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. The sand in the hourglass will flow until the time of the celebrated awakening with surprises and treats.

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🐻Shoobi Doobi 🐻

After years of hibernation, Shoobi Doobi camp is back with a bang. Join us and enjoy a fine selection of shoes, bees and doobies, followed by word games that don't translate well from Hebrew. You are all welcome to our cave, to get a bear-hug give and receive love and acceptance and show us how truly beautiful you all are (from the outside, because on the inside you are all beautiful)
Please take your shoes off when you enter - the cleaner just finished cleaning.
yours truely
Papa bear

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Shrine of the Bubble

The shrine of the Bubble Sanctifies the notion of the bubble
no need to belong, to stay connected or grounded.
Here you can forget and immerse in sound
The shrine of the Bubble is a Déjà vu, its a message from the collective sub-conscience, its a haiku.

Shrine of the Bubble
Exists or not or both
Just now now and than

Its a sound camp pacing between the experimental and the total

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  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/447050792147802/

Smelly Camp

From all of our senses, the sense of smell does not receive the attention it deserves from us. Even thou we experience our reality thru our other four, more “prestigious” senses, our life memories are best recalled from smells. Sometimes, even a quick whiff of freshly cut grass can take us on a journey thru time to our childhood.
Smelly Camp is the place that brings the smell to the front of stage.
We invite you to close your eyes, take a deep breath thru your nose, and take a magical flight with us thru the vast world of aromas!

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International 420 celebrations example if its two twenty in Israel its 420 in west coast so we do a hip hop party west coast style a so on day and night till we circle the globe parting when the chimney starts smoking we start a party in addition we have the home band which will play various music form where ever and what ever

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soul to soul talks

Midburn can Sometimes be overwhelming. Issues arise, enhanced by the intensity of the event. When the going gets tough - than too, Playa provides! Come enjoy a soul to soul conversation. We are not therapists. We will listen to you with our full attention and open heart. A hug upon consent.

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Sparkle Unicorns

We are the Sparkle Unicorns!
We are unique and shimmer with Sparkles. A day in the playa can bring infinite excitements. With us you will find a happy and relaxing place to finish your day, and start your tomorrow!

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Straigth Friendly

Straight Friendly camp, The most colorful camp will create an LGBTQ community at midburn that gives a platform and encourages a culture that is queer proud.
Were gonna have a lot of activities such as: workshops, Drag performances, parties and much more!

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Stupid Dancing

Tra la la la la, tum tu dum tu dum. Oh, sorry, we were busy dancing stupidly. So what do we have here?
Ya know, just a bunch of silly people doing stupid dancing contests. What if you dance like the normal folk? YOUR'E OUT!
We got a great team of foolish judges who will probably let you keep doing whatever you do there, UNLESS you are normal. Don't be normal, it's midburn!
Also we plan tours-a-la-playa to teach every camp how to dance stupidly, flash mobs of idiotic dancers, which will pop out of every corner and of course, stupid dancing classes, where nobody does anything right. So join us, let's STUPIDANCE!

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Camp Court aims to maintain public order and to bring peace and justice to all in the spirit of love of man and nature.
The court will be able to reach individuals and/or groups which controversy arose between them and other individuals and/or groups.
The jurisdictions of the court: between Group and man, man and man, man and the environment, environment and man, man and his plate Etc.
The trial court determined by the High Court of Justice:
Individualand /or group who believe they have a justified claim could reach the court clerk and file the claim.
The prosecutor and the defendant can choose between self-representation and the lawyers among senior partner firm SMP.
A judge is sitting at the head of the honorable judicial panel.
In the jury will serve citizens who receive a call and even will be rewarded for their mission.
After the verdict of the jury, the verdict will be given by the judge. The sentence will be carried out by the prosecutor, or alternatively, any other person as the judging panel thinks

Your Honor
Court Clerk
The Attorneys
Attorney Dr. Shakshuka- Culinary law expert
Attorney Dr. Dre- music and Afro-American relations
Attorney Dr. Seuss- animal law expert
And other experts with any law exists or not yet
The Stenographer- Tontz

In the evening there will be a session BDSM, which all rulers and ruled will be able to resolve their conflicts peacefully

No less important! Later, party all night to celebrate the brotherhood of justice and law.

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Sunrise Kingdom

Sunrise Kingdom is a Midburn soundcamp dedicated to bring the best deep house and techno experience to the Israeli Playa and give you sound orgasms!!!
We seek to give our audience a sweet and friendly environment where they can dance, interact with each other and also gain a small trip to childhood, to a place where everything is OK, everything is cool and happiness is all around.
Welcome to our dance floor, close your eyes, feel the sound and the cozy chills swirling up your spine, a tingling sensation in your fingertips, and fly away…

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Sun Set Beach

It's 17:30, hundreds of "Berners" are now emerging for the various camps and filling the streets. A pleasant , caressing desert breeze, the sun slowly adorns it's crimson hue.
A cocktail in one hand... a Berner in the other.... Hair (forgive me those who no longer have any) blowing in the wind.... Ilan uses a refreshing spray of water droplets....
Sun Set Beach - Is where it's at!!! BOOM!

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Talking Handsjob

A camp that allows a dialogue between hands to hands, creating a connection, a language, a wide inner world.
We invite you to come and learn how to communicate with us through your hands, whether in our workshops or by direct conversations with us.

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The Dream Machine

Who said dreams don’t grow on trees?
What do you crave for right now? Rubbing butter on your belly? Climbing on rainbows? Riding a mustache? Smoking a camel? Changing the world? What do you crave for right now?
This is where it all happens, in the machine we built for you the craziest and wildest dreams ever seen across the Playa are being generated and fulfilled.
In a half supervised method you will go through an active flying experience (you can also wear clothing if like). Your inner child will be blown into the unknown realms of the dream machine.
This is where you will get lost and reborn in front of a tree, on which the hopes and dreams of the city residents are blooming, and all you have to do is simply reach out your hand and make a dream come true.

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🍆The Eggplant's Guide to the Galaxy🍆

~registration is now open only for foreigners with tickets~

Eggplantness is a remarkable quality that we all possess, humans, animals and farrows alike. When this quality manifests, it’s holder becomes an Eggplantity. The eggplant's behavior is abnormal, yet pleasant to their surrounding.

In the wake of society’s attempt to deny us of our inner eggplant, our camp’s mission is to awaken the eggplant within; to preserve and spread our creamy & joyful insides.

We invite you to come and bask in collective Eggplantivity while rediscovering yours, accompanied by our delicious grilled eggplants, frozen margaritas and luscious sounds that will engulf your insides with tahini.

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The Ethnic Demon

The ethnic demon comes To Midburn 2016 enchant spells and teach the elves and wizards the magic word Kulululululu, you will kiss the Mezuzah and fall on righteous graves. We are the descendents of the Morocco king right hand ,and as such, we will be happy to have you as our guest.
We'll serve you mint tea in the early morning, will kiss you on both cheeks, will apply on your belly a magic liquid when she will hurt from laughter (you can also take a zip - you may become a frog...but a magical one).
For dessert we will make the Playa raise in one-time overwhelming feast, that will shake every ass. We are going to make you all happy!

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The Free Pirates

Why cAn't we Be WhaT we wAnna bE
We want to be frEE
A camp in the spirit, body & mind of absolute freedom, aspiration to remove restrictions and for endless possibilities, under the 10 principles.
Meanwhile, we'll be delighted to welcome you all to our island, to a laidback, free and peaceful zula under the shaded dome, grass to your feet, experiences, conversations, games and good music upon choice. We'll offer cold drinks & veggie cooking, straight from our kitchen, with a smile and love.

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the horn

The Fund and Unit for Guidance of Liberated People welcomes the liberated people of the Playa, and invites you to receive guidance on your temporary future and forming directions for your personal development. The Fund’s advisors, located at the entrance to the unit, will assist you with their magic wand in finding together the interest fields best suited for your preferences, receive information on the various educational institutions that the fund offers and your chances of acceptance to them. According to your wishes and interests, the Fund officials will take you to one of three fascinating journeys of liberation, learning and occupational development, through an exciting and alternative experience.
The Fund will hold a central Liberation party.

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The Kibbutz

In the kibbutz you can enjoy free and collective atmosphere.
Here everyone can come and put theire heads hanging out and enjoy the cooperative desert pioneer spirit.
We will open every morning with inviting hangout grouping, accompanied by black coffee and strangulation cake and traditional cooperative atmosphere.
A hot medium meal will be served at noon straight from the kibbutz's dining room.
Throughout the day, beautiful old kibbutz songs will be play.
Pay attention! For the benefit of the members, the kibbutz isn't privatized!
****** The Kibbutz - Collective of Good People ******

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The Lab

We want to create a day-drinking, science-themed bar with daytime programming revolving around science, chemistry, experimentation, and radical participation. Drinks will be served during daylight out of test tubes, and some examples of activities are: liquid nitrogen ice cream social, chemistry magic show, do-it-yourself, social experiments, etc.

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The Lemon Tree

When the sun is blistering hot and the wind is sweeping dust in your eyes, The Lemon Tree appears on the horizon. An oasis to get cool and get down. In the shade we host some of the best daytime dance parties on the playa. But that's not all. Our creative lemon friends have curated workshops to satisfy the body and the soul. And to quench that terrible thirst, our sweet lemon nectar is a gift from the gods. So come and hang out with us in the best place on earth. The Lemon Tree.

About Us: The Lemon Tree is in its second year and we are proud to call ourselves an international midburn camp with friends joining us from all over Israel and the world. Our local and international DJ's have come to excite us with their musical stylings, while others have come to host engaging workshops. But more than anything, each lemon brings their own special vibe that makes The Lemon Tree a place where everyone can feel at home.

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the manson show

the temple of music , live and electronic music ,house for musician on playa

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The Nest - A Playa teahouse

The Nest is ​a shelter for sharing your dreams and ideas; a haven for reinforcing yourself while meeting other desert travelers​; an experience of energizing yourself with exotic teas​, gathered from all over the world!
A place for recreation and relaxation, accompanied by the sounds of eclectic music.
Who knows, you may take a part in a tea ceremony, offer a workshop​, listen to a midnight story​ or run a DJ set to your liking...
​Whatever it is you bring here, tea will be served any time of day and night - the birds are all about excellent hosting! Check our schedule and Nest with us!

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The Neverending Camp

The Neverending Camp, we live and die by the book's code.

Okay, not really,
but it's fun and you should totally watch the movie.
we were here since this whole Birmingham thing got here.
It's Fun here and we're coming back with a truck load of exiting stuff for a One-time deal only never to be seen again !!
Or, you know, it'll probably happen again at the next event or something - you can never know.

Stop by for a visit,
Stay for a drink at our bar,
Get naked if you're into it... Or not, whatever.

The neverending Camp - The Camp that Never Ends!

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  • Abu-shay
  • Facebook: The Never-Ending Camp

Tits heaven

Tits heaven is an island of peace in the middle of the desert. a place you can escape to from all the commotion, to reconnect to yourself and to dive into huge, pink soft tits which caress you and accept you.
About us- We are pink people that wish to give big pink love with the addition of a nipple.
Camp events- Bad Poetry read aloud, Rectal breathing workshop,
Third nipple body painting, Nipple Stickers- DIY, hedonism workshop with the big Chubby Hubby.

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To All Fours

north & south, east & west, all that remains is the now & its best!
everyday at 4:00 pm, our witchkitch is open and happening
craziest party in town, is going down
plenty beauty & art is the essence, come with your... & be presence
every morning at 10:00 different class come fly with us at acroyoga, contact, broom riding & other surprises

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Tomorrow this land will be different

Volleyball? Confessional? Siesta and Kfirniih? Me in a Poloraid photo with Fidel Castro and red high heels? Muezzin? giraffes? Trip on Mars?? ! ?
what is this place??!!!
Until you'll find out, this land will already change..
But hey, at least you will have a great souvenir!
A faster camp then a balloon, that will take you around the world in 5 days

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Trance & Freedom

The camp gives you the chance to feel the experience of trance in his full power, with the motion that comes with it, no judgement, and the energy that we are all tougher dance to the same frequency will be empowered by all of us, come and enjoy a unique powerful music experience... :)

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Tribal elders celebrating

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter".(Mark Twain)
With many dozens of years of personal experiences in Israel and abroad in the Far East and in the West, we all knew successes and failures.
We will gladly listen and openly share with the younger Burners and the younger in heart the issues that most concern you.
Changing the point of view, changes the reality, same facts reflect different meaning.
We will conduct several times a day open dialogs on a cup of Chai and fresh cookies in intimate circles with no beginning and no end.

Just so we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we will also run authentic Israeli joy with Israeli music with singing and dancing.

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PupeTube 2.0 is back with surprises:
Our world famous theater got upgraded to a multi-sensual experience: A warm place for your creativity and a place to express yourself. We will lure your taste glands, light your improvisation fire, and will season all of that with some sound, visual and movement.

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It's time for the turtle!
Camp Turtilization is difficult to define, the sun rises and sets and the shifting sands moves on.
Whenever you come to visit the camp, you will find you have logged into strange and different reality ...
Of course we will make sure that the music in your ears will feel special with Bits and uncompromising sound leaving only one choice ... and dance with delight and joy without end!
Our goal is to take you with us on a journey to another reality, a salad made conscious and unconscious mind and feel free to celebrate and break all boundaries and limitations.
We will have sets of music that we all love from the Burn and every set will be served on a bed of vegetables (like a turtle like ...) like last year you'll be surprised to hear musical stylist unknown but great fun and lots of surprises and delusions , Gifting some more vegetables ...
the turtle always happy to host Dj's and artist with special music that goes away from the mainstream, then you are welcome to contact us if you feel sympathy and want to come play a set (:

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Tzoozamen camp arose from a desire to create content that is related to movement, body and community, which is meaningful for camp's participants and burners altogether. The principals that guide us in creating a space (studio) with diverse movement related content - meditation, yoga, contact improvisation, open space for movement and improvisation, quiet hours, bodywork and capoeira - will be an invitation for personal and interpersonal communication, aware of body and environment, healthy nutrition, and open invitation to movement lessons/workshops and dancing/musical performance in predefined hours, and a schedule for the space's activities.

We welcome new friends! Join the camp by joining our Facebook group.

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  • Dana Gleser
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/hamatnas


Do you have a birthday ? Excellent , congratulations !! you dont have one ? Even better ! Come celebrate with us your Unbirthday! In the Unbirthday Camp will celebrate with us , enjoy the crazy parties to the edge of the fuel , Arab Jam inviting musicians from around the world to cooperate mad orgy of sound , and generally cool people ( we checked ) .

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Ven schon Den schon - Mini Golf

Sometimes we’re white, and sometimes black… Moving like children between two worlds, two choices…
White Magic - Shimmering, delicate and full of love - a fertile, promising land, full of joy and fulfillment.
Black Magic – Dark secrets, evil spells and no inhibitions - this is the place to unleash, to overcome and break through all boundaries.
On a patch of grass in the middle of the desert, are tracks, obstacles, witches and flying unicorns.
Every hit scatters dessert-fairy dust, each golf ball a wish, a dream come true with every putt.
Sometimes, between dawn and dusk, from between the putt holes, the modest Loud Fakatzas will emerge to cheer and encourage the burners, in their loud and intrusive, yet graceful way.
If you're lucky enough to arrive just at the right time, one special hole will host an all-knowing golf-ball reader, which will tell your fortune, as seen through your golf ball. What would you like to know? It’s the time to ask…
(* “Ven schon, den schon” is an ancient German proverb which literally means “If already, then already”: Fully follow your heart, and live the moment – or you’re not alive at all.)

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WeDipIt returns with a colorful and magical Mexican theme!
We’ll spice up the day with some Mexican snacks and heat up the night with Mexican drinks: Mexican-Masala chai, Mexican-Arabic Sah’leb, Mexican-Belgian hot chocolate!
Not to mention our famous Mexican-Belgian chocolate fondue!
You’re wondering what the hell is a Mexican-Masala chai? So are we, so come and see if we did a good job!
We’ll have dia de Los muertos body painting and flowering workshops as well as several other workshops at the camp - Yoga, Breathing, Dancing, Drawing, and more.
The camp is vegan friendly :)

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Where's Waldo?

Looks like everyone is here, but where is HE? Waldo is everywhere and if you find him, you will win! Look for him on the playa, next to you, in the picture, on the park bench, maybe in the sky? Where is he? Let's find him together!

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  • liron adam


The Winners’ camp family is quality small camp. It is uniquely amalgamated group of like minded people. Some consider to be interaction artist, some pretend to be supper designers, some consultant in a penny . in a short, bunch of guys that take the nonsense very seriously.

The camp is characterise by constant brain storming, never ending diarrhoeic of ideas and surreal invention that come to live mix with the Playa dust and spread inspiration all around.

We are invite all the Mid burners community to come and take part of the legend, and to make it real with us. By participating in all sort of activitys that the camp will initiate as consequences of the above

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Wishing Well

Magical Wishing well
Not exactly what you imagine

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